The Voyage of DH

Photo of gray Honda Accord in front of wooden fence

So here it begins, the travelogue of my 2012 Honda Accord EX-L V6 coupe. Inspired by my friends Tyson at Drive to Five and Josh at TSX Travels, I am going to catalogue the drives and adventures that I experience with my Accord.

Photo of gray Honda Accord in front of inlet at sunset

Purchased in May of 2015 at 42,192 from Burns Honda in Marlton, New Jersey, my car has already seen 15,200 miles, driven through nine states, and seen plenty of adventure. Sunny days on 80 mph speed-limit highways. Tiptoeing through sudden downpours and wading through puddles that were way too deep. Plowing through snow. All in the name of getting somewhere.

Photo of gray Honda Accord in front of Menz's restaurant

I’ve always given my cars names, and for a little while I couldn’t think of one for my Accord. My ’98 black Accord coupe was KITT. My Subaru Impreza was Scoop. But nothing would come to mind for the new car. And then a friend commented that it was my “Dear Honda.” From that came its nickname: DH.


I hope this site becomes more than just a list of miles driven and places seen. In the same approach of Tyson’s and Josh’s blogs, I want this to be a story of a life lived, a country explored, and of new experiences and friends. Check back in from time to time, and join me as I tell the story of the Voyage of DH.




5 thoughts on “The Voyage of DH

  1. Well done Tim. Excellent introduction. I’m looking forward to your future posts covering the places you go. The East Coast has some beautiful places! I grew up in the Philadelphia area & miss the Fall there very much.

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  2. Tim, looking forward to following your travels! You’re off to a solid start, right here. Here’s to many miles and many smiles for you and DH. Who knows, maybe TSX Travels, Drive to Five, and Voyage of DH can plan a “group” drive soon. Happy travels!

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