The First Year.

This weekend marked the one year anniversary of the purchase of DH. As I detailed in a  previous post, I purchased my 2012 Accord with 42,192 miles from my local Honda dealer last April 30th, and picked it up on May 1st. In that time, the car has been driven 17,243 miles, has been to 9 states, countless trips to the Jersey shore, survived a blizzard, and helped me produce many great memories.

This weekend, however, was quiet, with not much in the way of planned adventure. I had to work Saturday afternoon, so in the morning I mostly ran errands, although I did make a detour to a cool little car show in Washington Township, NJ. The 8th Annual Classic Car Show takes place at The Olde Stone House, a home built in 1736 that is now a museum. On the same property is the original Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church (1869) that was transported onto the current site in 1986. The little assemblage of historic buildings also includes the Blackwood Railroad Station (1891) and the Quay House (1825). Proceeds from the car show go toward paying for the maintenance and upkeep of these historic buildings.

A Corvette and what seems to be a replica Lamborghini, in front of the Olde Stone House. The Countach claimed to be a 1999, although production of that model stopped in 1990.
1964 Pontiac Catalina ambulance, with 45,000 all-original miles. According to the gentleman in charge of upkeep, the only major item that’s been changed has been the radiator.
Check out the gear selector- anything seem odd?
Ambulance interiors are a little different today.
1955 Ford Thunderbird in seafoam green.
1959 Ford Galaxie
1960 Triump TR-3A. 
1966 Chevrolet Corvette
One of the nicest interiors I have seen, although I was not able to ask if it was factory original.
Once upon a time, there were seemingly countless auto makers in the US. I had never heard of Cord until yesterday. Front wheel drive in 1936!
Inside the church, there was a display of old car advertisements, all from National Geographic. I met Ken, the very nice gentleman who had organized the collection. Very cool. This Hudson 33 was apparently cutting edge, back in the day: you did not need to hand-crank it to get it running.
Or how about this 1914 ad for the Detroit Electric car? Top speed was about 20 mph, so a far cry from today’s electric vehicles, but it was considered adequate for around-town driving.
The show was primarily American muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s, reflecting the ages of most owners. When my generation is old enough to begin collecting cars, I wonder which models we will choose to emphasize?
440 Magnum. Magic words.

I had a great time at the car show. After work, I departed for my family’s shore home where I spent Saturday night. The sunset was nonexistent, as a heavy cloud layer obscured the view. Still, I was able to snap at least a few shots of the Accord for its anniversary.

Not really the best view.
59,600 miles, and still looking good.

I still have a hard time believing that it has been a year since I bought my car. The Accord has been terrific. It is very comfortable for long distance driving, but provides enough power and handling for those times when I want to drive with some fervor. It has been a year filled with lots of great memories, and here is to another year, and many, many more good times to come.

Thanks for coming along on another ride in the Voyage of DH.

‘Til next time.

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