Special Edition: The Photo Contest.

Canon USA, manufacturer of a range of products including consumer level and pro-grade camera equipment, has recently announced “Shot on Canon,” a photo contest for users of its gear. As a lifelong Canon fan, the thought of submitting my favorite shot to the contest excited me. However, I quickly discovered I was struggling to pick the right photo. “Why don’t you ask your readers?” came my wife’s sage suggestion. 

So in this special post of The Open Road Ahead, I’m asking for my valued readers to help me choose a photo to submit to the contest. If you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you could please review the twelve photos below and let me know your favorite by voting in the poll at the end of the post. Thank you!

The Contenders:

Buttermilk Falls.
Buttermilk Falls in the Adirondacks.
Rondaxe Fire Tower atop Bald Mountain.
Rondaxe Tower atop Bald Mountain.
Screaming eagle in front of green and blue wall.
A screaming eagle at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota.
Butterfly atop a flower.
A butterfly resting on a wildflower on McCauley Mountain.
Hummingbird at feeder.
A hummingbird sipping from a feeder.
Cardinal sitting on bush branch - the bush is covered in snow.
A winter cardinal.
Butterfly on sunflower.
A butterfly resting on a sunflower at the Sussex County Sunflower Maze.
Gray and blue mural with shapes and lines.
This wall mural in Asbury Park.
Electric train in train yard.
DD-1 electric locomotive at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
Bow of schooner at sea.
At sea on a schooner.
Sunset at end of canal.
Sunset in Sea Isle City, NJ.
Twilight along shores of Havre De Grace, Maryland.
Twilight in Havre De Grace, Maryland.

Thank you in advance for participating in this quick poll. I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos again, and I will certainly update the blog if I hear back from Canon USA!

Thanks for stopping by to offer some crowdsourced assistance on the open road ahead!

‘Til next time.

13 thoughts on “Special Edition: The Photo Contest.

  1. So hard to choose! I chose the eagle, but also love the cardinal and water fall. But I suppose they’ll be looking for what best displays the ability of the camera, which could be hummingbird or butterfly on sunflower.

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  2. Tim,
    They are all great! Since I’m a bird watcher, and I’m having coffee watching a cardinal at my feeder, Cardinal or Hummer.

    Jacob picked Train..go figure

    Best of Luck

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  3. Agreed with others that it was really hard to choose! They were all beautiful pictures for one reason or another. But I went with the one that struck me the most and created the strongest initial reaction. Though I admit to Googling “what types of photos win photo contests” to see if that might help me narrow it down. Also-I loved being able to vote! Such a fun idea.

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  4. Several beautiful shots.

    My top few:

    1. Schooner
    2. Buttermilk Falls
    3. Rondaxe Tower
    4. Twilight Havre

    Looking at these makes me realize how much my life revolves around work. I live vicariously thru your adventures.

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  5. What a hard choice! I loved them all & kept changing my mind over which one to vote for. Although I voted for the butterfly on the wildflower, I also loved the eagle and the Rondaxe Tower and the cardinal and …..
    I think you should submit them all!
    Good luck in the contest, whatever photo you chose.

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    1. Thanks Joyce! Glad you enjoyed the photos – that butterfly patiently let me photograph it from about ten different angles before it flew off to the next flower. I was thrilled with how it came out.


  6. They’re all great pics-you’re quite talented. For me it was between Rondaxe Tower and the Screaming Eagle, followed by the winter cardinal.

    Having wandered the state fair 4H arts building and photo contests numerous times, those three shots stood out the most to me. Although I will admit that I have no clue what the judges will be looking for. Good luck!

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    1. Rondaxe Tower was shot after slogging up a mountain, the eagle was photographed during a 1,200 mile drive… and the cardinal was photographed from the comfort of a certain house in Wisconsin, looking out into the side yard. You never know when a good subject will pop up!

      Thanks for the good wishes, and for taking the time to read and vote!


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