The 200,000 Mile Update!

In 2012, The Avengers was tops at the box office. Sunday Night Football was the most popular television show in America. Canada stopped circulation of its penny. President Barack Obama defeated former Massachusetts governor (and current US Senator) Mitt Romney to earn his second term in office. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl, and the San Francisco Giants clinched the World Series. Apple debuted the iPhone 5. The Lion King became the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time. Daniel Day-Lewis won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the 16th US President in Lincoln, and Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook (via Hobby Lark). And in February of that year, my Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line in Marysville, Ohio. 

With the 200,000 mile mark now receding in the rear view mirror, I wanted to take a brief time-out from the usual road trip adventures to give an overview of how the car is doing and to explore what the future might hold.

Let’s begin:

No High Mileage Drama

2012 Honda Accord coupe parked on Skyline Drive.
As we detailed in the last post, my Accord crossed the 200,000 mile mark on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Not a bad view for a milestone!
2012 Honda Accord parked in front of service center doors at dealership.
After returning from Virginia, my car went for an oil change and tire rotation at Burns Honda. A well-maintained car is a happy car!
Vehicle inspection report, with all items in green for OK except for air filters, which are checked for May require future attention.
That’s what I like to see – good grades all around! The technician did note that at the next maintenance stop, my car will be due for new air filters. Otherwise, all seemed well.

A Little High Mileage Drama

2022 Honda HR-V parked in front of sand dunes.
Wait, that’s not my Accord! What’s this 2022 Honda HR-V doing in this post? Well… I’d been hearing an intermittent whining noise from my Accord’s engine. When I took it to Burns Honda, the car was not making the noise, and I forgot to mention it to the service advisor. A few days later, the noise came back with a fury, so I made an appointment at Bridgewater Honda, a dealership close to home. While the technician worked on my car, the service advisor gave me the keys to this brand new Honda HR-V Sport as a loaner. Rather than waiting at home, I took the little subcompact SUV on a trip to Gateway National Recreation Area – Sandy Hook.
View of NJ Route 36 bridge toward Sandy Hook, with Atlantic Ocean in distance.
This view of the Atlantic Ocean never gets old. As I have remarked countless times, I love crossing the causeway bridge on Route 36 and getting the first glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean.
View of Sandy Hook Bay at Gateway National Recreation Area.
With sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s, it was a great day to stop by this amazing beachside national park. Arriving midday during the week, I had the park almost entirely to myself.
Sandy Hook Lighthouse.
My first stop was to Sandy Hook Light. In addition to being the oldest functioning lighthouse in the United States, Sandy Hook holds another claim to fame. It was the setting for the final episode of the long-running daytime drama Guiding Light (via Wikipedia).
Seagull in flight.
I next set off to do a little hiking and practice my bird photography. This gull swooped past me, low and slow.
Egret in flight.
This egret flew by, noisily calling out. Egrets are particularly vocal during mating season (via All About Birds).
Egret with wings spread as it lands.
Another egret landed only a few yards from where I was standing, seemingly oblivious to my presence.
Egret in flight over marsh.
“Wait, did you get my good side?” The egret kept flitting back and forth in front of me.
Egret on grass, as it lands.
Perhaps my favorite egret photo in recent memory.
Osprey in flight.
I next hiked to the north beach of the park, but found out that the area was closed. The National Park Service prohibited visitors to this section of the park to keep nesting birds from being disturbed. As I trudged back, disappointed, toward the car, I saw several osprey overhead and immediately began snapping photos.
Osprey in flight.
The osprey were simply majestic in flight.
Osprey in flight.
My disappointment over the closed hiking route was quickly replaced by excitement at seeing these magnificent birds overhead. After a few minutes, the osprey moved on, and I headed back to the parking lot. Checking my phone, I discovered that my car was fixed and ready to be picked up.
View of car alternator.
After ten years and 200,000 miles of service, my Accord’s alternator was slowly dying. Despite making noise, the part continued to function until the very end. The alternator is responsible for charging the battery and providing electrical power to the car. With a new unit was installed, my Accord was back on the road, the engine totally silent once again. Onward!
Interior of 2022 Honda HR-V Sport.
While I was grateful for the loaner, I was even more grateful to get back into my own car. The cloth seats of the HR-V were supremely uncomfortable. It was odd, as I have spent multiple hours driving my Mom’s 2021 HR-V and the leather seats in her car are a pleasant place to pass the miles.
Gauge cluster of 2022 Honda HR-V with odometer reading 001014 miles.
Discomfort aside, it was nice to not be stuck at the car dealership all day. And the HR-V was so new, it still had “new car smell.” Plus, check out those low, low miles… although I did my best to pile on some additional mileage!

The Accord 200,000 Miles

2012 Honda Accord coupe.
Even with the recent unscheduled pit stop, my 2012 Accord continues to be the most reliable car I have ever owned. The design has aged well, despite being penned almost fifteen years ago. The engine remains as powerful and as fuel efficient as ever, the Accord still handles well, and it remains comfortable. The car feels at 200,000 just like it did at 150,000, which is remarkably similar to how it handled at 100,000, which basically felt the same as it did at 42,192, when I drove it off the dealer’s lot.
Interior of 2012 Honda Accord.
Aside from some scratches and nicks here and there, the interior also remains in good shape. Everything still works, and works well. Some occasional attention with Meguiars car care products is all it takes to keep it looking fresh and new.

To commemorate the milestone, I threw together this quick walk around tour of my car:

And finally, I thought it would be fun to look at the news from 2012, when my Accord rolled off the assembly line:

BACK in 2012 poster, which explanation of costs in 2012, slang, stye, government, news, sports, technology, music, movies, and television shows that were popular.
A talented graphic designer on Etsy created this fun look back at the events of 2012. Be sure to pay attention to the technology section!

Other Car Updates

One of the most fun aspects of keeping this blog is when people contact me to share their high mileage car ownership stories and their odometer photos. So I wanted to pass along two recent updates from family and friends:

Car odometer reading 55555 miles.
First, my Dad has quite the eagle eye – he captured his odometer as it read 55,555 miles on his gorgeous 2017 Honda Accord V6 Touring sedan. Good mileage awareness, Dad!
Car odometer reading 920000 TRIP A 147.1
I also received an update from my friend Justin, whose immortal 2003 Honda Accord V6 coupe crossed 920,000 miles. That’s some serious driving!

The Future

Car odometer reading 201000 TRIP A 251.9
The drive to 200,000 is now in the books. So what does the future hold for this car?

After seven years of ownership, and with over 200,000 miles on the odometer, a question naturally comes to mind: “Is it time for something new?” There are some valid reasons to sell my Accord and buy something else. Increased vehicle age and mileage means maintenance and repairs. Car technology has advanced in the decade since my car was built. And like most people, I get the new car itch from time to time.

On the other hand… new (and used) cars are expensive these days. My car is running well. Even a new car will incur maintenance costs. And while there are cars I’d want to test drive if something happened to my Accord, there is nothing on sale that makes me want to rush out to replace it. 

So with all of that said… what’s the plan, man? What do I intend to do with this car, now that I have reached crossed 200,000 miles?

That’s easy. 300,000 miles is right around the corner.

‘Til next time.


8 thoughts on “The 200,000 Mile Update!

  1. Yay!! Congratulations on hitting the milestone! I also enjoyed the egret pictures (beautiful!) and watching the video walk through of your car. Here’s to 300k!

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  2. Great summary post on the current state of your car. 32 mpg is pretty incredible for a v6. I can’t wait to see all of the memories made from the road to 300k!

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